Dormant For Now

Dormant for Now

Trees lying dormant; waiting for the fresh breath of spring to kick start their annual lifecycle. Image taken in Shaanxi Province, China.

Barren, Waiting for Spring

From The Other Side

From the Other Side

From The Other Side.

Its always worth keeping your eyes open and looking from different angles, walking around a building, looking up, looking down, you never know what you will find 🙂





A place to shelter from the raging heat of the summer and the freezing cold of the winter, a place to store tools and take a rest. I loved the way the corn was stacked up and scattered onto the snow fall and the lines leading your eyes down to the corn field on the left beyond the building to the tree line valley below.

Hope you like it too 🙂


Set in Rows

Vintage Film. Fields of Corn

were back from our chinese new year trip

Pathway to Men VillageMy dear friends,

For the last few months I have been so busy with work and I have been procrastinating for far too long to post regularly to my blog 😦 May and I have just returned from our Chinese New Year trip back to the mountains of Northern Shaanxi Province, I use the passport version for Shaanxi with two aa’s because there are two Shanxi provinces in China and unless you can read the Chinese characters you won’t be able to tell which province we were in. Our Shanxi is 陕西 and the other is 山西 they are next to each other when you look at a map of China, our Shanxi is the where Xian is the main city, the first capitol city of China and the home of the Terracotta Warriors.

Our Chinese New Year was great, we had no access to computers and very poor signals for our phones so it was WONDERFUL, total relaxation, back in the mountains, the clear blue skies during the day and perfect back skies filled with stars at night due to the almost 0 light pollution, the village we were staying in is home to my sister in law and her family, the village I have shared many images with you before, the wedding and wedding food preparations, the happy smiles of the villagers etc. This trip was certainly for visiting family, going back to nature and relaxation from the crazy 24 x 7 life we live in Shanghai a city with well over 25,000,000 people, thats 25 million 😦

I will be posting many images over the next few weeks from our stay in the village, the people, a Chinese New Year wedding in the village, some family, some friends and some of the countryside, I do hope you like them.



Happy Chinese New Year from China

My Dear Friends,
Tomorrow is Chinese New Years eve so I will be going off line and travelling with my wife to the mountains of central north China where we will spend the Chinese New Year holiday with her family on their farm. This time is spent honouring family members, passed ancestors and the younger generation where we come together as one and enjoy the festivities, so I would like to take this opportunity in wishing you all

A Very Happy Chinese New Year
Gong Xi Fa Chai 恭喜发财
Xin Nian Kuai Le 新年快乐
2014 The Year of the Horse

So if you were born in :- 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, and 2002 then you were born in the Year of the Horse.

See you all in a week or so, hopefully with some nice images taken in rural China 🙂







Washroom, the inside out!



Everything is done in these outdoor washrooms, food washing and preparation, washing clothes and washing self. The small taps on the wall usually have locks on them to stop other families using your water, the absence of a loo/s shows this family is in residence 🙂 Image taken in the disappearing lanes of Shanghai China.



149 The Mop House

A Merry Christmas Wish to You All from Shanghai



Hi Everyone,

I will be flying back to the UK for Christmas this year so I will not be posting any images until early January so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I do hope Father Christmas does not end up on the front of our plane as we fly back!

Take care and enjoy 🙂




Beer and Bicycles

beer and bicycles

Another image taken in the disappearing lanes of Shanghai, China. Oh, how I love these lanes, the mix of tradition, DIY, simplicity and necessity make these lanes a wonderful place to walk and to photograph.

Hope you like them?



Awards to Reflectionsofchina

sunshine-award inner-peace-award


Another huge Thank You needs to go out to Anamika over at for her kind nomination of Endlesslightandlove for the Sunshine Award, my sincere thanks go out to Sue for her love, her following and her wonderful blog, of which I am a great fan.

I will as you all know not follow through with the acceptance criteria but I will accept the award in the spirit it was sent.

Namaste Sue, with Love



Outside No 24

Outside no 24

Image taken in the lanes of Shanghai. I love the textures and the patina of the wood, the colours jump out at you even though they are fading and dirty, the way the owner places plastic bags on the bicycle seat to keep the rain off and the large chain securing the trike to the window bars. Almost prison like but home, a home that will be demolished soon 😦

Lived In

Morning Mist

On the Bridge

I don’t do Video, but this is Shanghai and where I live :)

Shanghai, the city where I live. Sometimes it’s so difficult to explain to friends in different countries what it’s like to live in Shanghai, China. It’s a beautiful city a city which never stops, it’s shops and restaurants are open 24 x 7, people go about their business as the sun rises and sets. It’s a city of change, its a city of vibrance, its a city of diversity. Note the speed of destruction and construction, the fireworks on Chinese New Year and the lightening strikes on the towers within the city, also the children in the school doing their early morning exercises in the playground, Shanghai a city that never sleeps

Outside No 3

Laundry Day

Air Dry

Heavy Load

Leap Frog

Tug of War

What not connected to a Computer..How can it be a Game!



Ah the innocence of a child, a smile or two of joy, simplicity but so much fun….One day, maybe life will become simple and not so complicated and expensive so all the children of the world can enjoy, not just the corporations exploiting the minds of our children!




You can still buy these metal toys here in China and sometimes you still see children enjoying them on the street….innocent fun away from Cumputers and Mobile Phones, out in the fresh air with friends that you can actually smile with and talk to ‘Face to Face’.


Those were the days 🙂

Communist Smiles of Joy

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