Cave Houses in China

Cave Houses

Cave Houses.

Image taken in the MEN Village, Shaanxi Province China. Many of the inhabitants of the MEN Village and surrounding villages still live in Cave Houses, these caves are cut out from the sandstone rock face, the rooms are incredible, warm in the freezing cold winter and cool in the blisteringly hot summers. Many have more than one room with beds made out of stone and mud/concrete that have a active fire below which is fed with corn husks and kindling from the outside of the building, these beds act as a gathering point for the family and kept alive 24×7 in the wintertime.

14 thoughts on “Cave Houses in China

  1. Wow. And I was just reading about the cave houses recently, and was wondering what the interior of these houses would be like. Maybe even imagining if I could ever live in one of them. At times like these, I wonder if simplicity has become more of a luxury… In any case, your photo is awesome!

  2. Great picture, I love the concept. It seems that living close to mother earth are happier and healthier than those of us living in human constructed buildings. Thank you..

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