were back from our chinese new year trip

Pathway to Men VillageMy dear friends,

For the last few months I have been so busy with work and I have been procrastinating for far too long to post regularly to my blog 😦 May and I have just returned from our Chinese New Year trip back to the mountains of Northern Shaanxi Province, I use the passport version for Shaanxi with two aa’s because there are two Shanxi provinces in China and unless you can read the Chinese characters you won’t be able to tell which province we were in. Our Shanxi is ι™•θ₯Ώ and the other is ε±±θ₯Ώ they are next to each other when you look at a map of China, our Shanxi is the where Xian is the main city, the first capitol city of China and the home of the Terracotta Warriors.

Our Chinese New Year was great, we had no access to computers and very poor signals for our phones so it was WONDERFUL, total relaxation, back in the mountains, the clear blue skies during the day and perfect back skies filled with stars at night due to the almost 0 light pollution, the village we were staying in is home to my sister in law and her family, the village I have shared many images with you before, the wedding and wedding food preparations, the happy smiles of the villagers etc. This trip was certainly for visiting family, going back to nature and relaxation from the crazy 24 x 7 life we live in Shanghai a city with well over 25,000,000 people, thats 25 million 😦

I will be posting many images over the next few weeks from our stay in the village, the people, a Chinese New Year wedding in the village, some family, some friends and some of the countryside, I do hope you like them.



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