Outside No 24

Outside no 24

Image taken in the lanes of Shanghai. I love the textures and the patina of the wood, the colours jump out at you even though they are fading and dirty, the way the owner places plastic bags on the bicycle seat to keep the rain off and the large chain securing the trike to the window bars. Almost prison like but home, a home that will be demolished soon 😦

13 thoughts on “Outside No 24

  1. You’ve talked before about the disappearing alleyways. Is the government demolishing the buildings? The colors here are deep and rich and inviting even in such impoverished surroundings. The walls are still very white. That tells me another story about the people who live here. A really fine bit of photojournalism.

    • Thanks George 🙂 Well, I guess you could call it the government because ultimately they own the land, but they are all being demolished to make way for new high rise buildings, offices, apartment blocks etc. It’s so sad to see them go, I love walking around the rabbit warrens of these lanes, and mostly the people who live there are so nice and friendly. The price of progress I guess.
      Thanks and Regards

  2. Thank you for capturing these places for us before they disappear. I have a book of Shanghai photos by Howard French. Have you seen his work? You both have a similar eye for the way in which the city is changing.

    • Thank you for your comment Karolyn and for liking my images. I did not know Howard French so I looked him up 🙂 Thank you for saying we have similar eyes for capturing this every changing city. Most of the places Howard captured are already gone so I must get out on the streets and capture some more before its too late.
      Thanks again


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