Haircut and Shave

haircut and shave

Haircut and Shave. Image taken in Puxi, Shanghai China. These wonderful street sights are disappearing fast due to the rapid rise of China and the modernisation of its cities. For me its a shame because this is all part of the Chinese culture and it will be sadly missed.

11 thoughts on “Haircut and Shave

  1. What makes the picture so interesting to me is that there is this small car in the background. So we can see not only a representation of the rather poor society parts but also of the rich one. A visually nice represented and authentic conflict – indeed.

  2. I completely agree – my first reaction to this was, “I’m so glad he found this!” I’ve never been to China but I am well aware that this is disappearing, and I’m glad you’re there taking these photographs. Keep it up, please!

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