Outside No 5

outside no 5

Outside No 5. Image taken in the lanes of old Shanghai, China. These lanes are sadly disappearing in the name of progress, being replaced by high rise apartment and office blocks, priced out of the reach of the majority but huge profits to be had by the few 😦 The old traditions including bird keeping is still to be seen in the lanes that remain and most of the bird fanciers take their cages to the park each day and stand and watch and listen to their songs in the early morn 🙂 Sometimes I just wish progress would slow down a little so we have time to notice the beauty that is disappearing all too fast.

9 thoughts on “Outside No 5

  1. i love stopping by your blog to see the world through your eyes. As I travel around India I notice the same thing. We are sacrificing the old world for the new, and not for any greater good either!

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