Some of the local villagers and guests of the wedding taking time out to chat with old friends and smoke a pipe 🙂

16 thoughts on “Pipe

  1. The lines on their faces tell the story of the hard lives they lived yet with smile lines that kept them going. A grand picture sharing the humanity of the world with us. Thanks, Peace! Ken

  2. Ah, Mark…I started to hit “Like” on these wondrous photos and then gave up as it was making for too many interruptions!! As always, I gazed INTO your pictures until I felt I was there….another exhilarating trip thank you very much!

    I never realized that you and your wife were living in China…just assumed “Through English Eyes” meant the UK. Oh well, that thing about “ass u me”, yes?

    Delicious food shots, by the way…(she said as her mouth was d r o o l i n g…!) and the b&w shot of the one lady…who’s clothing was blue! Love that effect.

    I could issue compliments and “Brilliant! Well done’s” all day, but won’t.


    • Peggy….Wow..I’m so so happy that you like my photos and you have been enjoying the China experience. Yes, I am English but I have lived in China for many years and May, my wife is Chinese. It’s a wonderful country full of beautiful places, cultures, cuisine and people, and a place that is so dear to my heart now 🙂

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