Keeping Warm

keeping warm

Keeping Warm: This image is part of a series I’m posting about a three day wedding celebration for a young couple in Shaanxi Province China. This little old lady was lovely, she was in her 90’s and a local villager, she wanted to be part of the wedding celebrations and join in the conversations as the ladies of the village prepared the many wedding meals over the three day event. The bed she is sitting on is made of bricks and cement (very hard but comfortable with all the silk quilts and covers) it’s basically a large oven top heated by a open fire which is fed by dried corn husks from outside the home via a hearth. The fires for these beds are kept burning all day long in the winter months or for short times during the day for the elderly and young to keep them warm 🙂 No coal is used only dried corn husks or corn roots and leaves. Very organic 🙂

11 thoughts on “Keeping Warm

  1. Wonderful photo…. and how interesting; it triggers a thought of my great grandparents who I remember, they used to just stay in bed all day because it was so cold and in those days there was no central heating. Great pic!

  2. How ingenious is that! I wish I had the specs to make one for myself…think of all the savings to be had in winter!!

    But, ahhh…just looking at this lovely lady’s face, you can see so much knowledge there. Lovely, interesting and intense photos, m’dearie. I WILL be back often.

  3. Still good looking….I get a warm feeling from this pic, Mark. Perhaps it comes from her eyes….and, it sounds like a smart spot to be, especially if the weather was particularly cold/cool during that wedding.

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