Smoke and Steam

Smoke and Steam

Smoke and Stream. Image taken in Shaanxi Province, China.

As the heat started to build up inside the mud built cooking range the steam started to evaporate from the moisture escaping from the mud; thus forming the baked in strength of this newly built cooking range, this steam combined with the smoke from the burning straw inside the oven and the boiling water from the Wok’s on top of the cooker made it very difficult for anyone to see….but what ingenuity :)….BTW, the steam and smoke soon dispersed and the Wedding cook-out began in earnest:) I just loved the atmosphere in this image, the man making final adjustments to the mud with a trowel looked almost sinister, like a scene from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’! hope you like it too?



7 thoughts on “Smoke and Steam

  1. This is extraordinary. I would have thought that the gross heat from the fire underneath, in a newly-built mud cooktop, would actually crack that construction. At least, that’s my thinking….that man does have the grim reaper about him!

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