Stoking the Fire

Stoking the Fire

Stoking the fire. Image taken in Shaanxi Province China, early hours prep before all the villagers arrive for today’s wedding lunch banquet. The range now constructed and fires are lit to start baking the mud that surrounds the framework holding the range together, soon it will be ready to cook on. Fresh food preparation is now taking place everywhere in the village, hundreds of fresh fish are being gutted and de-scaled and covered in spices and flour ready for deep frying in the huge wok’s on the newly made cooking range, a whole pig is being prepared, not one part will be wasted and over 200 fresh chickens are being slowly roasted, flour is being kneaded by many strong hands in preparation for the noodle making process and fresh vegetables are arriving from the family fields, everyone knows their job and even in this torrential rain, everything is done with a smile 🙂

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