Hot Hot Hot

Hot Hot Hot

Hot Hot Hot.

Image taken in Shanxxi Province China. Making ready for a traditional Chinese Wedding, the whole village comes together as one to celebrate weddings, births and funerals, everone get’s involved in the festivities including the children and the village elders, in this village I would guess around 1,000 people! they help the family prepare three meals per day for everyone for THREE day’s…It’s a massive job and in this case all caried out in torrential rain, it did not stop from the early hours of the morning to late in the evening for the first two days, but finally the last day, the sun was out to greet the new bride and groom 🙂 I will post a series of images to hopefully take you along with me as a wedding guest.


7 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot

    • Its amazing, it’s my wifes family villiage so we spent another week there in early October too, the weather was fantastic as was the country air, sense of family and of course the fresh food straight from their farm 🙂

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