Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis
Urban Oasis.
Image taken in Puxi, Shanghai China..A tiny old Shanghai lane house, one of the few left standing…but only for a couple more weeks and it will be gone!..Making way for yet more high rise blocks of faceless apartment blocks like the ones seen behind it 😦

14 thoughts on “Urban Oasis

  1. I remembered when a neighborhood was displaced by urban renewal bringing in high rise apartment buildings with even higher rent that the displaced people could not afford. This pushed them further away from the city and made life even harder for them.


  2. Yes it’s not clean, yes it may not have hot running water, but it’s human, it’s connected to the earth, it’s personal. They lose all that every time they replace these with high rises. If only in the headlong rush to material wealth there could be a recognition of qualities of life that respect our humanity. I’m so glad you’re out there documenting these places. My brother & sister-in-law have an apartment one of those high rises so I can see the advantages and I know there’s a need for housing, but…

  3. Wow. Such a beautiful image! I just came from a trip to Nanjing, China to present some research, and this image helps me remember how I fel in love with China. Thank you so much for that. Much appreciated.

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