Keeping Watch

Keeping Watch.

Image taken in Shanghai China.

6 thoughts on “Keeping Watch

  1. My allergy toward cats has prevented me of getting one. Still cats are too independent for my taste. However, I do love cats pics! Cats are playful, intrepid, curious…This pic is kind of cute! It reminds me of myself right before leaving home to go to work! 🙂

    • Ha ha, me too, I feel the same way about them and also have the allergy!

      Cats are curious, aloof, haughty and solitary but they do often look cute and worthy of a picture.

      I can imagine you standing at your door on a rainy day saying ‘Should I stay or should I go’!

      Thanks for your comment Gina,




  2. Cats are also loyal, to those who understand them! They’re great companions. To me, this pic symbolises the sameness of pets everywhere; it’s the environment that makes it interesting. Liked.

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