Renji Bridge Wuzhen

Renji Bridge, Wuzhen China.

I just love the engineering that has gone into building this bridge, the simplicity and the complexity of its design and construction, the beautiful textures of the stone and the patina built up over many hundreds of years, also the way nature has taken its own way and small trees and shrubs are growing out of the bare stone.

11 thoughts on “Renji Bridge Wuzhen

  1. Thank you for stopping and liking the blog today. This might fascinating to live the change that is going on in China today and share it with others. Social media has opened doors and eyes in ways that were not possible even 10 years ago. I look forward to the journey.

    Take care,


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  3. Mark, i attempted a simple ‘reblog’ of this wonderful image but ending up doing a ‘repost’ instead (operator error on my part i’m sure πŸ˜‰ i’m very keen to not transgress copyright boundaries in any way so do let me know if you’d like me to remove my post. these are all really stunning images. best …

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