Are you a Foreigner ? (Film)

Are you a Foreigner. Ni Shi Lao Wai Ma? Chinese Pin Yin 你是老外吗?Chinese Simplified…
Wow this is like a Chinese 101 class 🙂 But I thought I needed to explain the title in English and Chinese.
This image of a little boy taken on my trusty Leica M6 with Zeiss 35mm lens and Ilford Pan 100 ISO Film. Image taken in my local Park; Fuxing Lu Park in the French Concession of Puxi, Shanghai China. It is quite normal for little Chinese children to stare at a foreigner and I always wonder if thats what is going through their mind… Ni Shi Lao Wai Ma?

3 thoughts on “Are you a Foreigner ? (Film)

  1. I would get the same look here in Oman from children, when traveling to remote villages in the 1980’s – especially because I have blue eyes! although the look never had the perception of hostility that the Japanese word 外人 conjures up.

    Sadly since modernity is rapidly entering Oman, this is mostly no longer the case. ( I blame some of the tourists….)

    Charming image..


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