I’m Watching You!

Big Brother is Watching You, taken in Beijing, China.

11 thoughts on “I’m Watching You!

  1. Hi Mark. Quite surreal, and a strange location for a naked wrestler, surrounded by street traders in a busy, perhaps, suburban area. What is the response to nudity in China? ….. and a tempting target for graffiti ……. ?

    • Hi John,

      It sure is surreal, this image was taken in the 789 Art District of Beijing, it’s a ex military arms manufacturing zone that has now been turned into a trendy place for artists to hang out and present their wares, it’s a cool place to visit with some incredible pieces of art. This sculpture is interesting and I guess the artist was making a point that someone big is watching your every move! It’s a striking piece and very intimidating close up. Interesting because artwork nudity is not so frowned upon now and the people are becoming more daring with their fashions and choice of clothing, and becoming more open with their show of affections in public, kissing etc.

      Graffiti is still fairly minimal here in China, only really seen in designated art areas or on part demolished buildings.



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