Beauty inside the Imperial Gardens of the Forbidden City

24 thoughts on “Beauty inside the Imperial Gardens of the Forbidden City

  1. Wow: superb range and quality. I can see the potential for abstraction in flowers, but somehow just can’t get a handle on flower portraits. Your colour ones are sumptuous; the roses: that mauve flower against the red, that beautiful flower centre in lilac, lovely saturation and lighting in all of them………. excellent Mark.

    • Thank you so much John, your kind words are always appreciated 
      I enjoyed putting together this gallery and your inspirational words have spurned me on to try to take some interesting images of flowers in the near future. I will need to prize the Nikon and 100mm Macro lens away from my wife for this challenge, should be fun  Thanks again and best regards Mark

  2. These photographs are just superb! Unbelievable color, clarity, etc. Does anybody still say “eye candy”? This is it if I ever saw it. 🙂
    I cannot persuade my Photography theme to work. Yours is gorgeous. I really did enjoy the images and love the way you have presented your work here.

  3. What breathtakingly beautiful pictures/ flowers, they are so wonderful I want to reach out and touch them. Thank you for liking my post and following my blog. I hope what you read you find interesting. 🙂

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