Gardens filled with colour, beauty and scent

On entering the Imperial Gardens you are met with the sights, sounds and smells that take control of your senses. If you switch off from the hustle and bustle that comes with tourism and the vast crowds of cap wearing local tourists lead by their flag waving; noisy commentary giving tour guides, you will be taken in by the sound of silence. These gardens were designed to be tranquil, the rustle of the bamboo leaves swaying in the light breeze, the chirping of the birds as they chase insects in and out of the foliage , the buzzing of bees busy collecting pollen and the beautiful sight and heavenly smells from the wide variety of flowers on display. A truly remarkable place šŸ™‚

This image and the images to follow are my interpretation of that beauty..I do hope you like them!

Your thoughts, comments and critique are welcome and appreciated, as always, Regards Mark

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