Zig Zag

Carved Marble Ballustrades presented in a Zig Zag pattern.

The zig-zag of paths and bridges follows a principle of Chinese Feng Shui.

A zig-zag bridge is often seen in the Chinese garden, Japanese garden, and Zen rock garden. It may be made of stone slabs or planks as part of a pond design and is frequently seen in rustic gardens. It is also used in high art modern fountain gardens, often in public urban park and botanic garden landscapes.

The objective in employing such a bridge, constructed according to Zen philosophy and teachings, is to focus the walker’s attention to the mindfulness of the current place and time moment – “being here, now”. As it often has no railings, it is quite possible for an inattentive walker to simply fall off an end into the water.

At the end of this pathway there is a gate leading to a beautiful garden.

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