L Shaped Corner Tower – Forbidden City Beijing

28 thoughts on “L Shaped Corner Tower – Forbidden City Beijing

  1. In the right place at the right time Mark. The light and reflections gives this scene an other worldly quality. Beautiful clear light and amazing perspective, almost a horizontal reflection as well. Excellent.
    Regards, John.

  2. Mark, this an amazing photograph. I love the perspective that you chose. Just gorgeous composed! Well done Mark!!

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  4. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog “picks from my stick” and liking the post on Shidu. Have you been there?

    I love your black and white photographs of Beijing. Do check my post on Beijing last January 19th and you’d find that some of my shots are similar to yours. Great to share images!

    • Hi Jing,

      Yes I have been there, it’s a beautiful and peaceful place ‘out of season’ 🙂 I checked out your Beijing images and they all bring back memories of my many many visits to Beijing over the years.

      You travel a lot, when do you have the time?

      Thanks for connecting and for sharing.



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