Steps of Stone

One of the four main sets of inner steps up to the Ping Yao Ancient City Wall. These steps are pretty steep so they built a ramp between the two sets of steps so the soldiers could haul ammunition, food ,water and weapons etc up to the battlements. When I’m in ancient places like this I often sit a while and ponder….I wonder what life was like here over 600 years ago, what was the sound like, the smell, how clear was the sky, did the people suffer in the inner city?

4 thoughts on “Steps of Stone

  1. Your photographs are never just record shots, There’s a big difference in showing what a place looks like and making a photographic image. YOU have made this. It is a considered rendition of the time and place. You have made clear composition and design choices in presenting this photo and because of that it works aesthetically as well as informatively. THIS is what the best photographers do.
    Thanks, Mark.

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