Under the Roof

Under the Roof. This image was taken in the Ancient City of Ping Yao, Shanxi Province, China. The eaves and roofs of these ancient buildings go back over 500 years. This roof could be early Ming Dynasty 1368-1644, or even earlier because Ping Yao dates back 2,700 years. These wooden rafters and roof supports are held together through precise carpentry work using very elaborate Mortise and Tenon joints, there are no screws or nails, only wooden dowels are used to hold everything together. It’s like a giant jig saw and a beautiful piece of..’Art Work’

2 thoughts on “Under the Roof

  1. This is really beautiful, much like the old Indonesian houses that I posted about, they all fit together without modern nails or screws… it really is like a giant piece of Art !!

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