Hole in the Wall

Image taken in the Ancient City of Ping Yao, Shanxi Province, China. A very interesting and fairly precarious, make-shift construction platform held up with two vertical and two horizontal stabilizer posts.They did seem to do a good job though. Note the thickness of the outer wall…It does get really cold here in the winter.

3 thoughts on “Hole in the Wall

  1. Too bad they’re using masonry for the wall then Masonry is one for he worst insulators. I can tell it is triple layered brick, but if they are not going to add at least three to four inches of insulation, instead of the wallpaper standard through out the region, then one layer of brick will do just as well as one.

    My guess is that the brick os for support. Masonry is marginally better at structural support over insulation. I see this type of construction all over rural South Korea. Their heating costs are high and the buildings last ten to fifteen years and then need to be rebuilt.

    The best thing is the image is the three wheeled dump truck. Good catch there.

    • Hi Aaron, I think this is a superficial outer wall to the inner courtyard hense the real lack of insulation. Some of the buildings within these city walls go back 2,700 years, so i guess they must have something right.

      • No, you are correct. Masonry, in our standards is only used as a fascia, because of better building materials only recently available. I Europe, there are many buildings that are more than a thousand years old and made of only brick. I live in Utah where we experience earthquakes so often, they never make the news unless they are more than a 6.5. Brick buildings here do not last.

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