Watching the Gate

This image was taken in Ping Yao Ancient City, Shanxi Province, China. These small dogs are everywhere, they don’t run around chasing bicycles or people, they just keep a watchful eye at the gates to their masters home. They are so dirty, covered in dust from the Gobi Desert, dust that comes accross Ping Yao on a regular basis in dust storms or in rain fall. I wonder what colour these dogs are when they have been washed? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Watching the Gate

  1. Big gate – small dog !! looks like he’s eyeing you up , did he start barking ?
    We had a dog like this in our small lane, he used to lay around guarding his masters house too, he was ugly as hell, but I called him Eric and said hello to him every day… One day he jumped out and bit me !

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