Now this little dog and the gatekeeper of his masters house had a very different attitude from the dog image I posted earlier, this one had a bad attitude, he would run down the steps and bark at everything and show the white of his teeth to anyone or thing that came even close to the bottom of the steps or gate. Bless him… what he lacked in size he certainly made up for with his agressive streak šŸ™‚ The funny thing is the two Chinese charactors to the left of him, they say “Accomodation” :)…a sign to let you know you are welcome to come and stay here for the night, a sort of small family home run hotel.

4 thoughts on “Gatekeeper

  1. Catching up, at last! I’ve been enjoying your China images so much – they’re full of character – of place and people. I’ll come back soon and continue – I get visual overload and get things muddled up, if I overdose:)

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