Smoke Break

I cannot make up my mind which Image looks best, the monochrome version or colour version, what do you guys think? I would appreciate your comments, please also feel free to send on to your friends and ask for their comments and thoughts…Thanks in advance 🙂 Mark

20 thoughts on “Smoke Break

  1. I usually prefer B&W, but I’m leaning towards the original. The colors are muted enough not to garner all the viewer’s attention and do add a bit of a charm to the place.

    • Yeah, that was sort of my take too, sometimes a hint of colour makes all the difference. This place is interesting because the colours are very muted and grey due to the weather and the dust storms they have. Thanks for your feedback:)

    • Hi tobeclarence, thanks so much for your feedback. I like both images for very different reasons and I tend to agree with you re the colour version, i too like the muted, washed over colour feel of this image and I also like the stark contrast and hardness of the black and white version too:)

  2. Normally would probably go for the mono, but this colour image seems to shout out ‘Red China’. It also reminds me of the early colour photos of Albert Kahn who I think visited China. Your blog is superb and your images are totally alluring. Thank you so much for allowing us to see them.

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