I felt the need to re-blog this image because it is so skillfully put together and so powerful.

Nae's Nest

He is a maneater.  He stalks silently.  He watches the most intimate moments.  He’s had practice.  He has done this before.  He is a familiar face behind bars.  He knows how to work the system but the system believes it has worked him.  How do you rehabilitate a man who feeds on human flesh?

The monster is now an expert.  He now knows how not to get caught.  He’s perfected his skill.  He gets rid of the evidence.  Remains are never found.

He secretly stalks man, woman, child.  It really makes no difference.  Though, he could do without the man, sometimes he is part of the “package.”  What he wants is female flesh.  After he finishes “playing” with his prey, he indulges himself with the tenderloin of the does’.

According to him, it is really very simple.

  1. Pick your target.  The best place to go is the supermarket.  “Often, I can find…

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