This artisan was working out of a small stone built shed at the back of his house, the small motor was used to spin a sanding disk which he used to shape the different pieces of buffalo horn into the most beautiful small pill boxes, each piece was handpicked for color then shaped and placed together to form the box, as far as I could see no glue was used in this whole process. The large round fan extracted the horn dust and placed it into a muslin bag outside the shed.

4 thoughts on “Consentration

  1. The old chumbi adjeoshis (gate guards) of my apartment complex in Seoul let a hand-stamp craftsman create and sell his stamps in a small closet behind their tiny office. He was a single-father (his wife dying in a car accident). I loved his dedication and hard work. When his two daughters got old enough, I and a Brit took turns teaching them and one of the chumbi’s grandson’s English pro se. I loved this guy’s dedication to his daughters and hated their poverty (they slept in the workshop). I talk to Ashe sometimes and he told me last year one of the daughters is going to university in Nottingham.

    Thanks for posting.

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