Road Kill

Come buy your bird, it’s Fresh..Have it dispatched quickly and professionally, have the feathers steamed off and prepared for your table in minutes 🙂 Sadly yet another disappearing site, I know it looks a bit archaic, unclean and messy but this is tradition, it is culture and whether we like it or understand it or not it was in still is the way. Asians like to buy fresh food because they can see it move, check for disease and make sure it’s the best for them and their family. This process is now copied by global supermarket chains that have entered China and other Asian countries, I won’t mention any names but WM from the USA, T’Co from the UK and C4 from France are three of which have adapted their sales strategy to meet customer demand…and rightly so in my humble opinion 🙂
Image taken close in Huangpu Old District, Puxi side of Shanghai.

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