Caiyang Alley

Ok fellow bloggers..Today is a new day so I thought I would change the theme of the next few image uploads to the Streets and Alleys of Shanghai, I do have many hundreds or maybe even thousands of these so I may stop after loading say 20 or so..Unfortunately these streets and alley’s are disappearing fast, making way in the name of progress and as I said before being replaced by new, modern hi-rise buildings filled with over priced apartments higher that the cost in London or New York and of course more office buildings to cater for the demands on doing business in or with China. Don’t get me wrong, I too like change and I do love some of the modern architecture however, I do shed a tear for what we are losing 😦 I hope you enjoy the next few uploads.

This image was taken in Caiyang Alley in the Huangpu Old District, Puxi side of Shanghai.

Have a lovely day. Mark

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