I’m Way Too Ugly for Selfie’s, But Do We Need To Adopt A Selfie Style Approach To Spiritual Blogs?


Hi Everyone,

I have noticed my lack of enthusiasm and procrastination regarding writing posts of late, I guess it is down to the fact that my number of followers does not seem to grow so much when I see some blogs or twitter accounts gaining thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousand of followers. The numbers of likes and retweets are huge and they gain lots of opportunity to promote themselves, their thoughts and their businesses easily but when I look at these sites and accounts I am so surprised as to the content, many seem to have nothing at all to offer, they lack in content, don’t offer any help or support to their followers and they are often very rude and in some cases obscene in their content. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not in this for fame or glory and my blog is about giving back, trying to help people who are maybe in need for some words and pictures that will help them in their time of need, offer some inspiration and a helping hand when they feel down or anxious.

So, what is it we need to do to make our sites more ‘Sexy’, to help us get our messages of good across to a wider audience, to actually start to do more good around the world, to bring about more attention to the state of our environment, to help fight disease, help the poor, bring an end to victimisation, child abuse, honor killings, bullying at school, the horrors of GMO, the poisoning of our oceans, global warming and not to forget help bring more awareness towards the real need to have peace on earth?

Maybe I need to go on a serious diet, to get down at the gym 7 days a week and build up my abs, some plastic surgery here and there is, a hair weave perhaps or is it that I really need to think about and position my messages in a very different way?

When I look at our world I get a tear in my eye, when i see the news and hear of abuse of our children, watch wars raging for the sake of greed or religion, see families loosing their homes because of the lack of jobs I wonder where is our world heading, what more can I do to help!…Many would say I think too much, I cannot heal everyone and everything…but for me, it’s hard, it’s really hard to switch off my compassion radar, I’m too deep in to do that now, I watch tv with my wife and I tear up when I see pollution, my heart sakes a stabbing when i see brothers and sisters of humanity fighting and when I see the continuance of corporate greed and the manipulation of humanity by the media….I must do something, I must act, I must do my bit to help save our world from imploding from our own greed and lust for more, more money, more land, more things, more, more, more.

So, I’m open to offers, open to suggestion, what do I/We need to do to help promote compassion, love, peace and happiness to humanity, how do we help make a difference?

BTW, If you answers are…Plastic Surgery, Extensive Diet, Gym 7 days a week, a New Fancy Set Of Teeth etc, please consider sending me a large value cheque or bank transfer because otherwise, it, ain’t gonna happen :)

Love to you all, may you be blessed with love, happiness and peace

Namaste with Love



Corn On Display

Corn on Display

Another image taken through the gates of a MEN Village house in Shaanxi Province China. I love to see the produce being displayed within the farmers courtyards, it changes as the seasons change, corn, apples, fresh red chilli’s etc a wonderful, colourful sight to see :)

Still artistic and cooking in her mid 90’s

The Chef



This lady was wonderful, she was so please to cook for me, it was freezing cold, the snow was coming down hard, her small kitchen is in an outbuilding but she was full of joy to share her skills as a chef with me :) Happy Days :)

Looking Out

Wood and Mud

wood and mud

Wood and Mud

One of the beautiful doorways into the cave house compounds in the MEN village Shaanxi Province China

A Winters Stroll

Courtyard View

Cave House With Outbuildings

men house

One of the many MEN village cave houses that are still occupied, this one like many of the others also has attached brick and mud built out buildings, usually housing kitchens, animal houses or extra residences for family, son/daughter with their wife/husband and child.

Shaanxi Province Cave Houses




inside cave house


Some of the many cave houses in the MEN village Shaanxi Province China. These are no longer used except for storing corn but others are still lived in, I managed to go inside this one and hand hold these interior shots because I had no flash, I hope you like them?

Cave Houses Across the Steps

Cave houses2

This image was taken the day before the snow came, you can see there are many old cave houses here, some abandoned and some still lived in. Image taken in the MEN village Shaanxi Province China.

Cave Houses in China

Cave Houses

Cave Houses.

Image taken in the MEN Village, Shaanxi Province China. Many of the inhabitants of the MEN Village and surrounding villages still live in Cave Houses, these caves are cut out from the sandstone rock face, the rooms are incredible, warm in the freezing cold winter and cool in the blisteringly hot summers. Many have more than one room with beds made out of stone and mud/concrete that have a active fire below which is fed with corn husks and kindling from the outside of the building, these beds act as a gathering point for the family and kept alive 24×7 in the wintertime.

Row upon Row


Row upon Row of kindling to get the family through the winter. Image taken in the MEN village, Shaanxi Province China.



Once again, I like the order in which these roof tiles have been placed, the texture and how the horizontal lines match up with the bricks of the wall the direction of the pathway and the small water trough full of snow, all leading my days nicely from right to left :)

Fuel for the Fire

Fuel for the fire

Fuel for the Fire.

Image taken in the MEN Village, Shaanxi Province China. I love these piles of firewood, the shapes, the blacks and whites and the corn husks on top make it in my eyes a worthy image to capture :)

Long Life

Long Life

Long Life.

A picture in colour!…Surprised are you?…It’s been a while since I posted any images in colour but this image spoke to me in colour, the gold Chinese characters ‘Fu’ 福 which mean ‘Long Life’ against the dark red of the doors, the whiteness of the snow falling softly before the camera, the colour of the dog on guard at the gate matching the colours of the bricks and the corn stored inside the compound all screamed out colour, so here you go another image taken on the walks around the MEN village, Shaanxi Province China.

Wooden Gate

wooden gate

I loved this old wooden gate attached to the mud rammed walls surrounding this village house, traditional methods of building are still going strong after thousands of years in the MEN Village, Shaanxi Province China.

Without Wheels

Corn Stacked Inside

Corn stacked inside

I just love taking a sneak peak inside these gates to see what lies in wait for my eyes, in this case neatly stacked corn under a layer of snow waiting for warmer drier days. This image is part of a set from the MEN Village, Shaanxi Provice China.

A Look Inside The Gates

Tracks and Tractor

Tracks and Tractor

Tracks and Tractor.

Image taken in the MEN Village, Shaanxi Province, China. Were just entering the village from the surrounding fields after our winters walk, heading back home to the warmth of the fire bed and the lunch awaiting us :)



Walking back from the fields that surround the Men Village onto the road, freshly swept snow leaves way for a small car to leave its mark along with some single cart tracks and the farmer pulling it along :)

A story unfolding in snow :)

All Around

Signs of Life

Road Less Travelled

It’s Simply Black and White

Levitation, it’s on the Rise you know!

The Valley Ahead


The Steps in Winter

The Steps in Winter

The Steps in Winter.

The fields surrounding the Men Village in Shaanxi Province China suddenly drop off down the mountainside but not one square meter is wasted, the fields are cut into the mountainside like steps with irrigation channels taking the water right down into the valley below, its a beautiful sight especially in summertime when the fields are a glow with corn :)

Pathway to the Clouds

Pathway to the Clouds

The views around the Men Village really gave me inspiration, the simple, stark trees and farm buildings just called out for Black and White, I do hope you like them as much as I?


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